Professional and authentic writing services and quality systems

Clarity Point brings curiosity and clarity to your documents,
processes and systems. 

What we do


Strategic editing for clear tenders and proposals,
Plain English technical and business writing,
Proofreading for accuracy and readability.

Continuous quality improvement (CQI)

Continuous Quality Improvement health check
Audit consultation and preparation

System/process reviews

Quality framework systems and processes.
Privacy impact assessments.

How we operate

We are passionate about communication and consultation. We make sure the scope of services we agree on genuinely meet your needs, both now and longer term.

The Clarity Point difference

We want to understand the style and culture of your business, so we can provide solutions that work for you, and make your job easier. Key to this are:


By approaching your issues with genuine curiosity we can:
> Uncover hidden obstacles (bypass the 'blame/shame' defensiveness)
> Identify opportunities not previously considered


Bringing two decades of experience and a commitment to constant learning, we go below the surface to ensure your documents and systems have strong foundations.


We know we work with sensitive proprietary information, and ownership of this information is always respected. It also allows for greater openness, which leads to more appropriate and effective solutions.

Over twenty years’ experience in writing, editing and proofreading, and almost a decade in the Quality field.

What our clients say

Clarity Point has worked with over 100 clients, both companies and individuals, in a range of capacities from basic promotional material to detailed document management. Here’s what some of them have to say about the experience;

"Staff requests for locating HR and finance related forms and procedures has decreased by at least 60% since the new quality document system was implemented."
Peter Watson
Director of Corporate Services, CCS
"Lisa’s expertise in governance and quality management systems and processes, as well as her excellent editing skills and attention to detail, led to the success of the [QIC Health and Community Services] Standards."
Sarah Wyman
Former Quality Project Manager, AGPAL/QIP
"Lisa has been a ready source of assistance and clarity to the Executive and Leadership teams over time. Her ability to quietly keep on top of organisational compliance and planning has been essential to us."
Rhonda Lawson-Street
Director, CatholicCare Sandhurst

Ready to discuss your next steps?

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