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Clarity Point's history

Established by Lisa Mariah in 1996 to provide writing and research services to businesses and individuals, Clarity Point initially built its reputation for quality and accuracy in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs under the name Personal Heritage. 
In 2003 the business relocated to Bendigo in Central Victoria, expanding both its local and broader client base through a combination of in person and video/teleconferencing connections. 
The name Clarity Point was adopted in November 2004.

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Our style

Professional, approachable, experienced. We provide exceptional value, leadership and innovation in the field of Quality, compliance and written communications.

We believe the key to effective outcomes is strong relationships.

By working to understand the style and culture of your business, we can provide you with solutions that work for you, thus making your job easier. There are three keys that enable us to achieve this:


we pride ourselves in the thoroughness of our work, and in maintaining a down-to-earth approach that integrates the ‘big picture’ with daily business needs. We want you to get the most out of the services and resources we provide, and we will always go that extra yard to make sure you do.


Clarity Point has spent most of the last decade developing strong, workable Quality and document management systems to ensure your processes are effective, and we are constantly researching new ideas and techniques to provide you with the best resources available.


We know we will be working with potentially sensitive proprietary information, and ownership of this information is always respected. When companies are comfortable sharing with us, we can produce the best possible outcomes.

Ready to discuss your next steps?

Give us a call or email through the contact page linked below and we can discuss how Clarity Point can assist.

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