Continuous quality improvement (CQI)​

‘Continuous improvement, not sporadic improvement’ – Lisa Mariah

CQI health check

Continuous quality improvement (CQI) provides a stable foundation on which companies can develop and grow. You may need a CQI health check if:

  • You have clear procedures in place, but staff aren’t following them.
  • Your senior management team spend most of their time dealing with issues and spot fires rather than working proactively and strategically.
  • Client/customer feedback is negative or, possibly worse, ambivalent (e.g. ‘Everything’s ok’ may hide a raft of issues).
  • Staff say, ‘There’s no procedure for that’ when there is.
  • It’s been more than 12 months since you’ve audited any of your processes.
  • You have an external audit coming up in the next 12 months.

A health check can look at any of the main areas of your business operations and identify ways to improve your systems and processes, documentation, communication, and staff training.

Audit consultation and preparation

Companies that see quality as only relevant at audit time come to dread upcoming audits, with increasing panic over the weeks or months in the lead up. The true intention of audits, however, is to demonstrate how you’ve improved over the time since your last audit.

When quality and continuous improvement is embedded in everyday operations, audits become a lot less daunting.

We can assist you to put these processes in place, and help you gather evidence to demonstrate what you’ve done prior to audit time. Even the pre-audit preparation process can be smooth and pain free when approached proactively. This means getting started well in advance, and working on it little and often rather than pulling people out of their day-to-day work in a mad rush.

“Experience as a Quality and Knowledge Manager in a mid-sized not for profit means I know what it’s like from the inside – the challenges organisations face when resources are tight and compliance obligations are high.” – Lisa Mariah

Auditing (internal or external)

Lisa Mariah, principal of Clarity Point, also undertakes contracted auditing roles for professional auditing companies. Auditing against the NDIS Practice Guidelines is currently a priority.

We can also assist with internal audits, upskilling staff along with way to regularly review systems, processes and procedures and ensure they are achieving their intended results.

Over twenty years’ experience in writing, editing and proofreading.

Other Services


Strategic editing – tenders and proposals, Technical and business writing, Proofreading for accuracy and readability.

System/process reviews

Privacy impact assessments.

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